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The Dental Edge Laboratory provides the latest dental CAD/CAM technology for fabrication of all our dental fixed to fixed prosthesis, precision accuracy fitting and excellent aesthetics result. Our Laboratory users SIRONA CEREC INLAB DENTAL, 3 SHAPE A/S DENTAL, DWOS DENTAL WINGS,  EXOCAD & WIELAND DENTAL CAD/CAM system which most popular in CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry in the Dental market and hence ease of worry. The materials used includes Pure, Medium, Translucent, Monolithic Zirconium Oxide in the processing & finalization of our prostheses, 3D Printing made available for arc models & surgical guide Implant Splint for compatible .STL data for both Clinic and Dental Laboratory.

As one of the highly recommended Implant Lab providing superior workmanship in Singapore, we are proud to have provided better solutions, products and mediation services to our fellow Dental Surgeons, and to the public throughout the years. As we continue to improve in services and technology, we also expand our involvement into fabricating fixed and removable Implant Prostheses with Major Dental Implant system. Dentsply Sirona, Ankylos, Osstem, Nobelbiocare, 3I, Dentium, Straumann, Dentarum Systems.

Our Dental Workmanship Services offers a full range of Dental Restorations such as Full Porcelain Bonded Crowns & Bridges / Buccal Porcelain Metal Occusal Posterior Regions / (F) Implant Restorations, Post Core Only / W Porcelain Bonded / Zirconium Crown, Maryland Bridges, E-max Bonded Crowns & Bridges / (F) Implant Restorations, EMPRESS Laminate (Veneers), EMPRESS & CEREC Inlay / Onlay, Full Zeno Star Translucent Zirconia Crowns / Bridges or Framework / (F) Implant Restorations, Full Zirconia Inlay & Onlay, Full Metal Crowns & Bridges / (F) Implant Restorations, Full Metal Inlays & Onlays, Full Metal Post Core Only. Ceka Precision Attachments, Diagnostic Wax-Up & Zirconium Milling Framework Services / Asia Partnership (F) Wieland Dental Systems GMBH | Asia Partnership (F) 3 Shape A/S / CAD/CAM Based Systems Framework (F) In-House CNC Milling Centre & 3D Printing Services (F) Dental Arc Models | Dental Implant Surgical Guide (operation procedures) on recommended both types of materials etc... VisiJet® Pearlstone & Accura® e-Stone™ available.

Wieland Dental sets the standards in dental technology and stands for innovation and quality. As a medium - sized enterprise with over 140 years experience we are one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of dental technology. Future-ready integrated technologies and materials are the hallmarks of our expertise and prowess. Wieland Dental opens up the way to progress in dental technology. |


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